The Gonkulator

Finally take control of your Salesforce Org

The Gonkulator is a Salesforce Framework for managing APEX Trigger code so that you can effectively use ChatGPT to write your APEX Code.

Companies spend way too much time fighting with their Salesforce Orgs. The more you customize and extend, the more technical debt you incur. Gonkulator will save you time and money by putting the control of your Salesforce APEX code back into your hands. The consistent framework helps you leverage ChatGPT to take the hard work out of writing triggers and test classes.

  • rEduce trategic Innovation: Reduced reliance on outside Salesforce "Experts".

  • Operational Efficiency: Write cleaner APEX code and have full test coverage every time.

  • Enhanced Decision : Use ChatGPT to write quality APEX triggers.

  • Customized Solutions: develop business logic independent of the code base. Create self documenting code and monitor its execution.

  • Competitive Advantage: Monitor if a piece of code is reaching governor limits and turn code on and off accordingly.

what we do?

Standard APEX Code

The APEX that you write for Gonkulator is standard Salesforce APEX. The Gonkulator interface requires you to implement 5 methods in your APEX class and put your business logic in the proper method. We can help you write any code needed and show you how we did it.  

Org Readiness Assessment

We will peek under the covers and evaluate your Salesforce Org to see if Gonkulator is a good match for your goals. If for any reason, we don't think you will see the benefits from the framework, we are happy to prepare an ORG remediation plan to help you fix the problems you're experiencing.

Training and Support

We will teach you how to use the Gonkulator and our 24/7 support is standing by to answer your questions once we have you up and running.

ChatGPT as Your Developer

ChatGPT will be able to write APEX code using prompts that adhere to the Gonkulator's interface. You are able to copy and paste the GPT code into your org along with a test class. We will show you how easy it is to make ChatGPT your most productive developer.
What We DID

Case Studies

United Way Customer Engagement

United Way sought to enhance its services by implementing a Generative Advisor to replace its existing Chatbot which had limitations.


Reva Application Managed Services

Reva needed to cut costs and improve application support and development roadmap services. Thinglogix 24/7 Managed Service


Document Automation

Our client aims to achieve an AI-powered solution for digitizing documents and imaged. Thinglogix IA provides a powerful cloud solution.


Salesforce Code Management

Technical debt and custom code management in Salesforce has met it match. Use AI to write your APEX classes and manage your triggers with a framework.


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