AWS + Salesforce

When best in class CRM meets best in class cloud services platform, Thinglogix is your go-to partner.

Transform your Salesforce CRM into the most powerful system in your Enterprise by extending its capabilities using AWS.

Elevate your Salesforce capabilities by integrating the power of AWS to extend and enhance your Enterprise Salesforce CRM. Combining Salesforce and AWS melds the world’s leading CRM platform with the most comprehensive cloud services, providing an array of benefits for your business. From computing and storage solutions to advanced analytics, machine learning, IoT, and application development, this integration offers a holistic approach to managing and optimizing your customer relationship strategies​​.Experience transformative solutions like integrating Salesforce with Alexa for Business for voice-activated access to corporate applications, or leverage Amazon Connect with Salesforce Service Cloud for superior customer service capabilities.

ThingLogix's service offering on Salesforce and AWS integration empowers your organization to leverage these advancements, ensuring smarter customer interactions, improved business intelligence, and a more agile, responsive operational environment. Discover how this powerful collaboration can transform your business.

  • Reduce Licensing Costs: Let's face it, Salesforce is expensive. We can help you reduce your license costs without compromising on functionality.

  • Do More Cool Stuff: Build complex AI applications or utilize our managed packages to extend Salesforce using AWS and do more without having to make Salesforce jump through hoops.

  • Innovate Faster: In many companies Salesforce has become a brittle system that is hard to make changes to without breaking things. Let us help you regain control.

  • Pay Off Your Tech Debt: Offload some of your technical debt or use our Salesforce accelerators to get control of your Org.

  • Innovate Faster: We've been working on Salesforce as a team for over a decade. If you can dream it...chances are we already built it.

what we do?

Org Assessment and Remediation

Let's look under the hood and see what you're dealing with and make a plan to fix it. We specialize in ageing Salesforce Orgs and developing a plan to clean them up and get them working for you.

Well Architected Cross cloud Solutions

We can help you develop a solid cross cloud strategy to take advantage of the best and most powerful services on AWS and integrate those with your Salesforce Org.

Salesforce Development

We have done greenfield Salesforce implementations as well as building out custom functionality and fixing old broken code. Whether you need cloud implementations, CPQ expertise, triggers, or entire community sites, we are your best partner for the job.

Managed Services and Support

Our team can run your entire Org and handle your support requests to help alleviate the requirements of Salesforce expertise on your team. 24/7 worldwide support and as an Global team, we can be ready to be your Salesforce experts on demand.
how we work

our methodology



ThingLogix embarks on a journey with our clients, dreaming and aiming for the extraordinary. Harnessing our deep reservoir of insight and experience, we help you make sense of endless possibilities and craft innovative, fast to market solutions. Our approach is fueled by creativity, igniting every interaction with enthusiasm and a relentless drive to exceed expectations at every turn of our exciting partnership.



We transform big ideas from the "Dream" phase into concrete realities. This crucial stage focuses on finalizing architecture, refining the application user interface, and establishing clear requirements. It's where our visionary concepts are meticulously crafted into detailed plans, paving the way for successful realization of your goals.



We bring your project to life. Building on the foundations laid in the "Dream" and "Design" phases, our team expertly transforms your detailed plans into a fully-functional application. This phase is where ideas become reality, as we apply the latest technologies and agile methodologies to create a digital solution that exceeds your expectations and truly embodies your vision.



ThingLogix focuses on evolution and adaptation. This stage is all about refining your project with new ideas and feedback, managing and supporting your application, and continuously introducing fresh ideas. It's a cycle of constant improvement, ensuring your solution stays ahead of the curve and perfectly in tune with your changing needs. "Iterate" is where your project is not just maintained, but enhanced for the future.

What We DID

Case Studies

United Way Customer Engagement

United Way sought to enhance its services by implementing a Generative Advisor to replace its existing Chatbot which had limitations.


Reva Application Managed Services

Reva needed to cut costs and improve application support and development roadmap services. Thinglogix 24/7 Managed Service


Document Automation

Our client aims to achieve an AI-powered solution for digitizing documents and imaged. Thinglogix IA provides a powerful cloud solution.


Salesforce Code Management

Technical debt and custom code management in Salesforce has met it match. Use AI to write your APEX classes and manage your triggers with a framework.


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