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A Comprehensive AI Strategy Roadmap Service

Service Overview

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force, driving innovation and efficiency across industries. Recognizing the potential of AI to revolutionize business operations, our service offering is designed to assist companies in navigating the complexities of AI integration. ThingLogix’s comprehensive AI Strategy Roadmap Service is tailored to help businesses harness the power of AI, ensuring they remain competitive and innovative in an increasingly digital-first world.

  • Assess Current IT Infrastructure: We review your existing systems, software, and data management practices to understand the technological foundation upon which we can build AI-driven solutions.

  • Identify AI Opportunities: By analyzing your business processes, we pinpoint areas where AI can add value, whether through automation, enhanced decision-making, or by generating new insights from existing data.

  • Evaluate Data Readiness: A critical aspect of AI implementation is the availability of quality data. We assess the state of your data architecture, governance, and quality to ensure it can support effective AI solutions.

  • Risk and Compliance Check: Understanding the regulatory landscape and potential risks associated with AI implementation is vital. We ensure that all AI solutions comply with relevant laws and ethical standards.

  • Technology & Vendor Selection: Based on your unique needs, we recommend the most suitable AI technologies and tool vendors, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure.

Tailoring an AI Strategy for Your Company

AI Flight Plan is a bespoke offering that guides companies through the intricate process of integrating AI into their existing IT infrastructure and business. The service is structured around an evaluation stage, where we conduct a thorough assessment of the company's IT landscape, identifying systems and business processes that are ripe for AI enhancement. This initial phase is crucial for laying the groundwork for a successful AI innovation strategy, ensuring that the solutions developed are aligned with the company's strategic objectives and operational needs and practical constraints.

AI Positioning and Roadmap

An overview of AI's potential to transform business operations and drive growth.

AI Use Case Development

Detailed explaination of our AI Strategy Roadmap Service, including the evaluation stage and roadmap development.

High Level Costing and ROI

Understanding the unique needs of your business and how AI strategic investments will pay off over time.

Reference Architecture and POC

Develop a reference architecture tailored to your IT portfolio and strategic objectives. We will work with you to scope and identify funding sources to run a high impact POC to prove out the strategy assumptions.

"An increasing number of companies are harnessing the capabilities of AWS Services to tap into a wide array of Artificial Intelligence (Conv-AI) and Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen-AI) solutions, addressing their customer engagement issues and expanding the capabilities of their systems and people. AWS’s portfolio of AI services empower businesses to elevate their innovation and compete in ever changing and increasingly digital world.."

Faisal Al Jundi - GM MEA

What We DID

Case Studies

United Way Customer Engagement

United Way sought to enhance its services by implementing a Generative Advisor to replace its existing Chatbot which had limitations.


Reva Application Managed Services

Reva needed to cut costs and improve application support and development roadmap services. Thinglogix 24/7 Managed Service


Document Automation

Our client aims to achieve an AI-powered solution for digitizing documents and imaged. Thinglogix IA provides a powerful cloud solution.


Salesforce Code Management

Technical debt and custom code management in Salesforce has met it match. Use AI to write your APEX classes and manage your triggers with a framework.


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