Move Faster with ThingLogix Foundry for AWS

Thinglogix Foundry is an open-source application building framework that empowers business to quickly design and develop applications using modern serverless cloud technology. This platform facilitates digital transformation by leveraging serverless cloud computing services on AWS to ensure a well architected application. Perfect for event driven solutions like IoT and AI/Machine Learning applications. Foundry enables companies to innovate quickly, reduce costs and scale efficiently on AWS.

  • Speedy Development - Significanly faster application development, reducing time to market.

  • Innovation Acceleration - Simplifies building innovative, event driven and AI applications with the latest technology.

  • Reliability and Confidence - Utilizes native cloud services for secure, reliable application operations.

  • Scalability - Instant web-scale for applications without the need to manage infrastructure.

  • Customization and Flexibility - Allows companies to build applications their way, using preferred tools and languages.

  • Well Architected from the Start - Foundry is available on the AWS Marketplace and utilizes AWS best practices for application building.

Foundry Accelerator

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Get Started Fast

Available from the AWS Marketplace, getting started is as easy as installing a cloud formation template. Available support packages can help with training and initial setup and configuration. When your initial commitment is over, you can renew for a new term or wait until you need help again.

Build your way

Maximize value delivered by engaging with Thinglogix professional services teams for short sprints. Eliminate expertise obstacles with custom teams of architects, engineers and strategists specializing in AI, data applications, and specialized infrastructure practice areas.

Future Proof

Thinglogix Foundry integrates with AWS services out-of-the-box and makes it easy to extend to integrate into your existing Enterprise systems. Easily try new AWS services and experiment with business workflows. Foundry becomes your centralized innovation engine.

Extend & Integrate

Foundry is ready to go with APIs, Webhook, MQTT and native Salesforce synch. Build powerful applications on AWS using ready made solution accelerators that make installing additional features as easy as installing a Cloud Formation Stack Update.

Get Started with Thinglogix + AWS

Thinglogix Foundry and AWS combine to form a powerful best-practices framework to build applications on AWS. Start building and modeling your business logic with minimal need to write code or extend the platform using your languages and assets in your own AWS account.

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Case Studies

United Way Customer Engagement

United Way sought to enhance its services by implementing a Generative Advisor to replace its existing Chatbot which had limitations.


Reva Application Managed Services

Reva needed to cut costs and improve application support and development roadmap services. Thinglogix 24/7 Managed Service


Document Automation

Our client aims to achieve an AI-powered solution for digitizing documents and imaged. Thinglogix IA provides a powerful cloud solution.


Salesforce Code Management

Technical debt and custom code management in Salesforce has met it match. Use AI to write your APEX classes and manage your triggers with a framework.


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