Samaco Motors Customer Engagement Alexa Channel

Rosalee Kris
June 3, 2024
Customer Engagement

Executive Summary

SAMACO MOTORS represents some of the most respected, prestigious and iconic car brands in the world, earning a reputation as the premier dealer of luxury sports and premium performance cars in Saudi Kingdom.

Samaco is working to implement an Alexa voice AI channel, as part of its Customer Engagement solution. This channel will enable customers to book service appointments online using voice AI. By leveraging Alexa's capabilities, the goal is to enhance convenience and streamline the appointment booking process for Samaco customers.

SAMACO MOTORS is part of Al-Nahla Group, which was established in the 1930s by HE Sheikh Hassan Abbas Sharbatly and is the flagship within the Al-Nahla portfolio of Companies.

Since 1978, the automotive portfolio has grown to include some of the best recognized and cherished global automotive brands. Today, SAMACO MOTORS is the exclusive dealer of top brand automobiles including Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Porsche, in addition to Volkswagen automobiles, trucks and buses.

The Challenge

One of the challenges faced by Samaco is the lack of advanced AI channels for customer service, particularly for support services such as tracking service appointments. This traditional process can be time-consuming, error-prone, and inefficient. Samaco recognizes the need to add a modern voice AI channel to the solution to provide a new customized experience.

One notable difficulty faced by customers is remembering their appointment times. This challenge often leads to missed or forgotten appointments, resulting in inconvenience and potential disruptions in service delivery.

Boosting Customer Experience Through ThingLogix

 An increasing number of businesses are using ThingLogixCE to benefit from a wide array of Conversational Artificial Intelligence (Conv-AI) and Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen-AI) features. These features are seamlessly integrated with Alexa, the intelligent voice AI assistant. This strategic approach helps businesses effectively address their customer engagement challenges and expedite their customer experience journeys. By leveraging the smart capabilities of ThingLogixCE, businesses can significantly elevate customer experiences and interactions

Why ThingLogix

  • ThingLogixCE platform supports automated workflows.
  • It offers ready business logic implementation.
  • The platform provides ready integration.
  • It includes embedded AI engines from AWS.
  • ThingLogixCE specializes in AI and ML solutions.
  • It supports native voice languages such as Arabic and English.
  • It includes modern AI voice channels like Alexa Generative AI LLM engines.

The Solution

The main objective of the solution is to allow Samaco customers to book a service appointment online through voice. This solution will serve end users accessing Samaco's Alexa skill in app stores, enabling them to book service appointments for available cars and receive reminders about their appointments.

ThingLogix proposes a Samaco Alexa skill to fulfill this objective. The scope of the solution includes developing and implementing a voice assistant with the following features:

  • Book a Service Appointment
  • Reminder about Service Booking
  • Support for 2 languages: English and Arabic
  • FAQs about Samaco and its services


Samaco has transformed its human processes into an AI-automated workflow. This workflow effectively tracks and organizes tasks, offering hands-free appointments for customers to easily book services online through Alexa.

ThingLogix provides a solution that manages appointments and reminds users about their booked appointments. This Alexa-based customer engagement solution simplifies appointment management.


  • Customers can book a service appointment online through voice AI.
  • Alexa provides reminders for service appointments.
  • Alexa supports two languages: English and Arabic.
  • FAQs are designed to help users learn more about Samaco and its services.

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